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RSFF in Retrospect

Wednesday, April 7 - Thursday, April 8

We’re looking back at some of the student film submissions from previous RSFF years! We also got to sit down with three of these past filmmaker stars so you won’t want to miss their interviews + films!


Ifeanyi EziemeThe Board
00:00 / 21:48

Retrospect with Ifeanyi Ezieme

Chatting with former RSFF winner and current USC grad student, the one and only, Ifeanyi Ezieme, we talked about everything from his current projects and large-scale collaborations, to inspiration and opportunity in filmmaking.

Focus Poster_Ifeanyi Ezieme.jpg

RSFFX (2019) “Focus" (Watch)

Focus is a drama that follows Marcus Olatunji, a college student who sells his prescription Adderall to students to pay for his schooling. Things begin to take an interesting turn when he uncovers news family back home.

Taylor MathewsThe Board
00:00 / 12:50

Retrospect with Taylor Mathews

"The Watermelon" creator and RSFF11 winner, Taylor Mathews sits down with the Board to chat about his senior thesis, hopes for future projects, and favorite films.

watermelon poster - Kamryn Calhoun 'stud

RSFF11 (2020) “The Watermelon"

A young man discovers friendship and life lessons in unlikely places...

David Hutchinson_FINALThe Board
00:00 / 15:25

Retrospect with David Hutchinson

We sat down with professional filmmaker and two-time RSFF winner, David Hutchinson to talk about his time as a student filmmaker, his current projects, travels, and his advice to aspiring filmmakers.

RSFF6 Behind the Faces.png

RSFF6 (2015) “Behind the Faces" (Watch)

"At Pepperdine University, 64% of the student population reports suffering from loneliness, 7% higher than the national average. Why? This film, composed entirely of student interviews, explores the answer to that question. Through the journey of making Behind the Faces, we've come to believe that the only way to solve the issue of loneliness is to actively hear and care about the stories of the people around us."

RSFF7 How Far I Want to Go.png

RSFF7 (2016) “How Far I Want to Go" (Watch)

"A short film about love, pain, and the meaning of life, as told by former Kenyan street children."