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Retrospect with David Hutchinson

We sat down with professional filmmaker and two-time RSFF winner, David Hutchinson to talk about his time as a student filmmaker, his current projects, travels, and his advice to aspiring filmmakers:


RSFF6 (2015) “Behind the Faces"

RSFF7 (2016) “How Far I Want to Go"

Other Past Winners

watermelon poster - Kamryn Calhoun 'stud

RSFF11 (2020)

Best Picture:                               Taylor Mathews for "The Watermelon”

Audience Choice:                        Taylor Mathews for "The Watermelon”

Best Directing:                           Taylor Mathews for "The Watermelon”

Best Cinematography:                          Orion Keen for "Self-Absorbed"

Best Editing:                                    Valentine Douglas for "Pepper(fine)

Focus Poster_Ifeanyi Ezieme.jpg

RSFFX (2019)

Best Picture:                                                  Ifeanyi Ezieme for “Focus”

Audience Choice:                                           Ifeanyi Ezieme for “Focus”

Best Cinematography:                                Moises Barbara for “Focus"

Best Editing:                                                   Ifeanyi Ezieme for “Focus

RSFF9 (2018)

Best Picture:                                                Mallory Erwin for “Courage”

Audience Choice:                                 Moises Barbara for “Mi Soledad”

Best Directing:                                             Mallory Erwin for "Courage"

Best Cinematography:       Gabrielle Norte for “The Wounded Healer"

Best Original Screenplay:                           Mallory Erwin for “Courage”

Best Editing:                                                 Mallory Erwin for “Courage”

Best Original Score:                         Jasmine Burkett for “Premonition”

RSFF8  (2017)

Best Picture:                                      Moises Barba for “Desarraigado”

Audience Choice:                               Moises Barba for “Desarraigado”

Best Directing:                                          Isabella Issa for "Night Lights"

Best Cinematography:                              April Rock for “Night Lights”

Best Original Screenplay:                              Isabella Issa for “Parallels”

Best Editing:                                Briana Chmielewski for “Night Lights”

Best Original Score:                               Nyah Wilson for “Night Lights”

RSFF5 (2014)

Grand Prize:         Candace Lowry & Mackenna Millet for “Dead Week"

RSFF4 (2013)

Grand Prize:                                               Ben Holcomb for “Currency"

RSFF3 Ted's Great Idea.png

RSFF3 (2012)

Grand Prize:                                     David Chang for “Ted's Great Idea"

RSFF2 (2011)

Grand Prize:                                    Austin Chapman for “Eleven Eleven"

RSFF Awaken Honduras.png

RSFF (2010)

Grand Prize:                                       J.J. Starr for “Awaken Honduras”