Friday, March 8th at 5pm to

Sunday, March 10th at 5pm

Are you a current Pepperdine undergraduate student?

Like telling stories?

An avid Snapchat user?

Have a smartphone?

Grab some friends and your phone this weekend!




Storyline: Creative and clear in which the characters and plot is understandable (20%) 

Technical execution: Upon completion of the film, basic editing is solid, in regards to jump-cuts and timing (20%)

Criteria: All requirements of the competition are present in the film (20%)

Use of Props: The items required are seen as important. (20%) 

Score: There are no flaws in the music flow, as the music enhances the story (20%)





This year we are challenging your filmmaking skills: no dialogue. We encourage you to explore the use of colors, light, silence, and sound. Do not assume you have to create a mini music video. Be creative and best of luck! 



Requirements to include in the short

"X" marks the spot

A clock

High Five



You must: 

  - Shoot sideways with a smartphone

   - Take a photo of yourself shooting the film on a phone

   - Create a video that is two (2) minutes or less 

   - Include PDF list of all cast and crew (names with CWIDs)

   - Be a current Pepperdine undergraduate student



All films must be submitted here digitally. 



1st Place -- Four (4) Regal Cinemas Passes

2nd Place -- Movie Night Snack Pack

3rd Place -- Two (2) Vintage ReelStories Mugs

015 - Samantha Petersen 'student'_edited
IMG_2297 - Emily Capehart 'student'.JPG
IMG_4367 - Noah Shaw 'student'.JPG